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Basic Policy

Each and every people in the world experience joy and happiness in everyday life.

Our sustainability aims

Our mission is to provide “security” and “comfort”. These are also our management philosophy. We have been providing products and services based on the belief that “security” and “comfort” is essential for people around the world to feel truly happy in their daily lives. Our effort towards SDGs in terms of sustainable growth is based on our vision for creating the environment which brings smiles to children. If our children smile all time, it will make the generation of their parents feel secured.

Challenges We Solve as a Team

Preservation of water resources and biodiversity

Water is vital for our life and our industry. But our concern is not just water. We also value the water supply environment. Our activities primarily focus on prevention of pollution in fresh and sea water and maintaining biodiversity. We have been working to conserve, reuse and purify water in our business practices. We also work hard for the conservation of water resources.

Support Safe and Comfortable Transportation

Airplanes are a fast, safe, and comfortable means of transportation. We cannot ignore the fact that cross-border traveling and supply chains support our life today. We support safe and comfortable travel by ensuring to deliver high-quality aircraft parts.

Creating a safe transportation infrastructure

Thanks to improvement in traffic safety measures including road signs, the number of traffic fatalities in Japan has continued to decline every year. We maintain traffic infrastructure to ensure safety and comfort in auto transport. We work hard to create an environment where people in the community will feel safe and equal in life.

Reduction of Environmental Impact

Through our business activities, we bring comfort of living environment and reduce environmental impact. Surface treatment is a technology that improves the function of metal products and contributes to resource and energy conservation. We minimize our impact on environment by constantly and proactively incorporating new technologies to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, extend component life cycles, take safety measures, and shorten lead time.

Creating friendly and supportive workplace

In order to respect each and every employee and continue to develop for the future, we promote a workplace where everyone in our team can work vigorously without regard to race, gender, nationality, age, position, disability, etc.

Resolve social issues with imagination and technology

As a human being, we need consideration and compassion for other creatures to maintain social connections and happiness. Imagination is the ability to respect that others are different from ours, and to strive to understand them. Imagination is also the source of creativity. Societies and cultures have developed by imagining and visualizing invisible. We place great importance on the power of imagination, and we are convinced that we will be able to solve problems if we utilize this power. By allowing diverse people to use their own imagination, we will solve social issues and bring “security” and “comfort”.

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