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Our ongoing improvements are like refining “star-shapes” of
“Kompeito candies” to the world-level.
It is our committed to providing reliable products and services to our customers.

The “star-shapes” of “Kompeito candies” represent the strength and originality of our team that highlights the uniqueness of our company.

Our Quality System

Our quality system complies with JIS Q 9100, Nadcap, and customer requirements. Process control tests, solution analysis, maintenance of equipment and tools, instrument accuracy are all managed at a high level of quality by our internally certified experts.
We strive every single day for ways to improve the quality of our products and services given to our customers.


JIS Q 9100

  • Successfully audited and certified for JISQ9100 in November, 2015


  • <Gotsu> Successfully audited and certified for Nadcap Chemical Processing in February 2016.

  • Certified for CP and AQS for solution analysis and testing as an independent testing laboratory in July 2018.


  • Certified for ISO Environmental Management System Certification.
    *Company name change in process

One-stop Manufacturing

In addition to our surface treatment technologies (special processes), we collaborate with our partner suppliers to provide other fundamental processes including material stock control, various machining operations, nondestructive testing (fluorescent penetrant inspection), and many other surface finishing processes. We are flexible to serve the specific needs of customers.

One-stop manufacturing process flow

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