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October, 1946

Established Nihon Parkerizing Corporation Limited - Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima Works Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary company of Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd to address the military needs and was sponsored by the local municipality and business sectors.

Ujina Plant - Rebuilt after World War II

October, 1946

Launched aluminum anodizing for automobile application.

February, 1990

Expanded the anodizing line to accommodate increased automobile production.

Dejima Plant -Original

Techno Center opening ceremony

April, 1990

Established Techno Center to promote research and development.

May, 1996

Launched anodizing and conversion coating lines for aerospace application.

June, 2000

Received orders for fishing reels. Expanded coloring capabilities.

September, 2001

Obtained ISO9001 certification.

October, 2002

Obtained ISO14001 certification.

August, 2005

Launched the anodizing line for digital components.

May, 2006

Established a large anodizing line for semiconductors and LCD panel productions.

Anodizing Line in Hachihonmatsu Plant

July, 2006

Started a large anodizing line for military aircraft engines for Japan Self-defense Force.

December, 2012

Launched a large anodizing line for commercial aircraft engines.

December, 2012

Obtained Nadcap (the international special process certification program) for chromic anodizing and chromate conversion coating.

January, 2014

Added sulfuric anodizing to Nadcap accreditation scope.

June, 2015

Opened a new office in Gotsu City, Shimane to expand the aerospace business. Consolidated and relocated the anodizing and the analysis and testing functions.

June, 2015 Opening of Gotsu Plant

August, 2015

Launched the phosphoric anodize and primer coating lines.

November, 2015

Obtained JISQ9100 certification.

February, 2016

Obtained Nadcap accreditation for phosphate anodizing and primer coating.

May, 2016

Separated Blue Sky Frontier Division (“BS Division”) as an independent division to specialize in aerospace production.

May, 2018

Added the machining and fluorescent penetrant inspection capabilities to achieve “one-stop manufacturing” system.

May, 2018 Started fluorescent penetrant inspection

July, 2018

Obtained Nadcap accreditated for analysis and testing.

September, 2018

Received the first order for analysis and testing services.

May, 2021

As a part of its global strategy, separated BS Division from NPH and established Blue Sky Frontier Corporation.

May, 2021 Foundation of Blue Sky Frontier Corporation

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